I woke up sometime later to the sound of a “eeekk” at my door, and then the sound of said door being shut. I took a moment to piece together where I was and what was going on. I was sleeping on my back with Kayla snuggled against me, breathing softly into my neck. My arm was draped over her shoulder and her arm was draped over me, with her hand resting on my hip. 
Suddenly, me eyes shot open, as a clear picture formed in my brain. I gently worked my out from under Kayla and ran to my sisters room. I tapped on her door as whispered “Kari. Are you in there?”
She opened the door with eyes as big as mine, and said “hell-o lover boy. Who is that and what are you DOING?”
“It’s NOT what you think.”
“Really?  I see a girl on your bed sleeping with you. Seriously?  7th grade. You sure didn’t waste any time” she said, failing at hiding a smile. It was obvious she was enjoying herself. 
 “Exactly. Sleeping. We were sleeping…that’s all.”
“Well I suppose you got tired, eh stud.”
“Uhhh..,NO!  You got it all wrong. That’s Kayla. She’s my friend..,just my friend.”
“Whatever..,anyway. You’re lucky it was me who came up for you, and not mom. You definitely need to be more careful.”
“I realize that, but seriously, nothing happened.”
“Would you please stop Kari?”
“Yeah. I just have to give you some shit. It’s my duty as your older sister. She’s a cutie, by the way.”
“Anyway, mom ordered some pizza. It’ll be here pretty soon. Why don’t you wake up your friend and head down in a few minutes. Don’t worry, I won’t tell mom what I saw.”
“Thanks Kari, but there was nothing to see anyway.”
“Mmmm, I wouldn’t say that. You guys looked…never mind. Just come down.”
I went back into my room and laid down next to Kayla, on my side. I caressed her hair behind her ear and whispered her name. She slowly opened her eyes and lazily smiled at me. 
“Hi handsome. How long was I asleep?”
“I just woke up too. I don’t know, an hour or two. Umm…my mom and sister are home. Mom ordered pizza. Do you want to stay and eat with us?”
 “Yeah. That’d be great” she said as she lifted herself onto her elbow. 
“Come here.”
Next Kayla put her hand on the back of my head and gently pulled my face into hers. Our lips touched and stayed together. She backed away and looked right into my eyes. I leaned down into her until our lips met once more. I felt the tip of her tongue at the opening on my closed lips. I parted them slightly, as she slithered in, finding the tip of my own tongue. I pushed back as a gentle battle took place between our swirling tongues. I turned my head as she forced herself deeper into my mouth, exploring places yet undiscovered. She pulled me in tight against her, as her fingers massaged my back. I forced my way into her mouth and caressed her slender torso. We moaned into each other’s mouths as we fought to close the nonexistent space between our bodies. The intensity I felt from her soft hands earlier, was increased tenfold, as my passion was starting to boil over. 
At one point, we needed to come up for air, and as much as I wanted to dive back in, reality reared it’s ugly head. The thought of a second visit from my sister, or my mom, forced me into a tough decision. 
I came up with a profound “wow” as I rolled off of her, onto my back. 
“Thank you Daniel. That was just what I needed” Kayla said, as her hand found that spot below my bellybutton, she seems to like so much. 
“You’re a good kisser” she said next. 
“Really?  That’s umm…my first time.”
“You’re a real natural. The only other boy I ever kissed was…well it was really messy and spit and…”
“Thank you too, Kayla. That was…awesome. 
After a little pause, I added “Well, we better get downstairs.”
We stood up and had another quick kiss, before we went down for dinner. Nothing wrong with a little practice. 
As I followed her down the stairs, I couldn’t help but think of how lucky I was to have Kayla in my life. Even after we reached this new level, so quickly. It didn’t feel wrong, only a bit awkward, because of my lack of experience. They say everything happens for a reason. Kayla came into my life, to take my hand, help me cross the line from childhood to my fast approaching teenage years. Her forwardness was the kick I needed to push me along. Where my self-doubt and lack of confidence might have held me back, she showed me it was okay, and that she really does care about me. Where I am still self conscious about my lack of development and inexperience, I know that she understands, and will not judge me or pick on me. Is Kayla me girlfriend?  I don’t know…but I hope so. 
As we hit the ground floor, my mom called from the kitchen, “come Daniel. Come. Pizza is here. How are you sweetie?”  As we came into view, she continued “oh!  Hello darling!  Who might you be sweetheart?”
You can see where Kari gets her talk a mile a minute thing. 
Kayla grabbed onto my arm and giggled quietly, as she said “hi. I’m Kayla. I umm…live just down the street. It’s very nice to meet you Mrs….umm…” 
I then realized Kayla has no idea what my last name is, but before could open my mouth to answer, my mom blurted out “Silje my dear. You can call me Silje. Please sit. Sit. Aren’t you just a sweet thing ya. You know I saw your mother once on a walk. Lovely women she is. It’s so nice you and Daniel are friends. So lonely Daniel is all the time up here. That Sid. Always so much trouble with that one.”
I don’t know if my mom was nervous or just in a really good mood, but she talked and talked and talked, while we just nodded and ate our pizza. It did seem like Kayla and my mom had a mutual liking of one another. And the longer this all went on, the more I realized it was a good mood that had taken over my mom. A mood that didn’t go unnoticed by my sister either. 
After dinner Kayla thanked my mom and said she needed to get home. I saw her out and without even realizing it, had walked her to her house. 
While we were walking, Kayla said “your mom rocks. She is so cool.”
“She’s not usually like this. She is in a very good mood.”
“I love her accent. You never told me she was from Norway. And your dad too. Does he talk like her too?”
“Yeah. Pretty much.”
“That’s so cool.”
“I guess I’m kind of used to it. I don’t know. I don’t sound like that, do I?”
“Not really no. Well anyway Daniel. I guess I should get inside. Thank you so much for such an exciting day.”
“Yeah. It was pretty crazy huh. I had a lot of fun too.”
Kayla then grabbed both of my hands and we had a little more kissing practice. Like before, it was electric, and I didn’t want it to end. 
We said our goodbyes and I headed home. When I walked in, I entered an unexpected shit storm of questions and speculation. 
“My little Daniel is growing up. She is so sweet Daniel. You’ve done very good.”
“What are you talking about mom?”
“Kayla. Your girlfriend. She is very nice. Very cute. Oh Daniel.”
“Wait!  She’s my friend mom. My friend!”
“Daniel. We both see it. You forget, we are girls. We know things. She is over the moon for you” Kari piped in. 
“Whatever” I said, knowing already, I had been defeated. 
“You be good to her my son. Treat her right.”
“I’m going to my room. I can’t listen to this.”
“Oh. Look. He’s blushing. One more thing Daniel. You be careful. I hear stories you know. About kids these days.”
“Mom!  Enough already!  Ok?”  But I didn’t stick around to wait for a response, as I climbed the stairs, three at a time. 
I plopped myself down on my bed and just stared at the ceiling. And I thought my brain got a workout the other night. 
A few minutes later my mom came by. 
“Daniel.  I’m sorry for earlier. I guess we women just get a little too excited sometimes. 
Your friend Kayla is lovely, and your sister and I can hope, right?  We weren’t being sensitive to your feelings. You are still young, and my baby, but you are growing up. You will share what you want with us, and we shouldn’t assume. Ok?  I will try harder to not bug you. And I will talk to Kari too.”
As she turned to leave, I said “mom.”
“Thank you…and I really do like her a lot.”
She gave me one of those knowing smiles, and said “goodnight sweetheart” as she exited the room. 
I prepared myself for bed earlier than normal. It was quite a day, and I was just spent. I laid awake with a film reel of images, reenacting the events of the day. I kept coming back to kissing Kayla, as my hand explored underneath my waistband.

6 responses to “LIVE THROUGH THIS (part 12)

  1. At least it was Daniel’s sister and not his mom that found Daniel and Kayla snuggled together sleeping in his bed. Kari is a nice understanding sister and protective of her brother.

    What an intense first kissing experience that was with Kayla! Every boy should have such a time and teacher as that! They both seem to be ‘natural’ at it, must be instinctive I guess.

    Such a rapid escalation of a relationship seems unusual. I hope it is really happening and not just a dream Daniel is going to awake from.

    I like Daniel’s mom! Such a nice first impression she makes. I like the way she speaks, I can hear it in my mind from your description. And she ‘took’ so quickly to Kayla, glad to have her as a friend for her son.

    I just love Daniel’s sister and mom, so understanding and supportive of him. It seems an ideal family, at least so far.

    This story is just SO good! It seems impossible a young person could write it. I can’t wait to see how things progress, especially since I have a little suspicion about what lies in the future.


  2. Dang it. I had a great comment and blogger ate it…let me try again…

    This story is improving immensely. Your abilities are being honed by continuing to write. I have to wonder if that little glitch you had was just your brain getting ready for the next level.

    I caught up with 11 and 12 since I was out of town partying with about 15 gay bloggers this weekend. There posts made my brain finally wake up after 4 hours of driving today!

    Peace <3


  3. Hello David
    The line about Kayla taking Daniel's hand, and helping him to cross the line from childhood was so lovely, it brought tears to my eyes. Would that I'd had someone to do that for me, at that age. The chapter as a whole was great. on a par with its predecessor. Super stuff, all round.

    Love & best wishes
    Sammy B


  4. An unexpected twist! She's pretty forward for a 12-year-old. When I was that age, I certainly had crushes on boys, but I didn't actually want to make out with them. But then again, I was very shy. I know different people develop at different rates.

    Kayla obviously feels very comfortable around Daniel, which is nice. 🙂


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