As we skirted the side of the garage, I peaked through the window to see who was in or out. I was happy to see my mom’s car in, and my dad’s car out. This meant I could go into the house. We came to my driveway, and I quickly said “see ya”, squeezed Kayla’s hand, and jogged up my steps into the house. 
“Hey honey. I got something for you” my mom said, smiling from the kitchen counter. “Something wrong?” She said next, after reading my face. 
“Nah. I’m okay. Just a little tired and hungry.”
“Okay” she said, unconvinced. 
What is it with girls and their sixth sense?  It’s so hard to hide shit from them. 
“What’d you get me?”
“Oh. Right here. You’re very own cell phone” she said while sliding a box toward me. 
“What? You got me a new one?  I thought I was getting Kari’s old one?”
“Well her old phone was pretty beat up, so I got you a new one. Open it up. See if you like it. The salesman said it was one of the top phones. I think you’ll like it” she encouraged, smiling. 
I popped open the box and pulled out my brand new LG KG800 slider phone. It was badass!  Glossy. MP3. Camera. I was pretty happy with my new phone. 
“Wow mom!  Thanks. This phone is so nice. What about dad?  Does he know?”
“It will barely even show up on the bill. He won’t care. Unless you go crazy with all that texting you kids do. Don’t go to crazy.”
“Nah. I won’t. I’m gonna go put some music on it, ok?”
“Didn’t you say you were hungry?  Do you want something to eat?”
“Oh yeah” I said as I dug a granola bar out of the pantry. “This will do until dinner.”
I also grabbed a Sprite out of the fridge, and ran up to my room as my mom was ranting about how I don’t eat enough and I was stunting my growth and blah blah blah. 
I flipped open my laptop, logged on, and jumped on my bed with my new phone and the huge instruction manual that came with it. As I was reading about how to use some of the features, my email dinged on my laptop. 
I scooted over to my computer and saw it was from Kayla. The tittle of the email was 😦
I opened it up apprehensively, and read the message:
That was quite an adventure we had today. Thank you for going back there with me, even though I know you didn’t want to. Did something happen to you there?  You got really quiet when we got back and kind of different too. Like something made you sad. I wish you would talk to me when something is going on in your head. You’re so mysterious to me. Like you have a lot of secrets. Please just know that I am here for you…for anything. 
Also I attached that picture you asked for. Hope you are feeling better and that I get to see you soon. 
I opened the picture, and there we were, two undersized, goofy soldiers. Shit!  She was right. It does look like a picture of two girls. Ughh…maybe I should get a haircut. And why did she have to send this now. I really need to sort out these racing thoughts in my head. Just when I think I have an idea of what’s going on, she sends this, and makes me doubt myself all over again. I was starting to think she was using me. Just touch me or kiss me and I will do anything she wants. It seems to fit, sort of. How can I be sure she means all the nice things she says and that she’s not just some master manipulator. Things got serious so fast. Is that normal?  Is she normal?  Am I normal?  Should I trust her and tell her what’s on my mind?  How I feel?  
I pondered these thoughts and others for a while, before deciding on the easiest way out. I will just go with the flow and see what I can learn from it. Not take every little detail and dissect it. Not worry about what this means or that means. Basically, lighten up and have a good time.  
I resumed my cell phone education and sent Kayla a reply, asking for her mobile number. She replied quickly, asking many questions. 
She didn’t have to wonder too long, as I sent her my first ever text message. “Hi!  I’m a big tech head now”
Kayla responded before I even slid my phone shut, wish “OMG!!!  Ya-hoo. You really got one?  You’ll never get rid of me now ;)”
“Why would I want to?  But I did get warned by my mom about going too text crazy. If I do too much it’ll cost $$$”
“No probs. Does your phone have a camera?  Is it nice?”
“Yeah. It’s super nice. Camera too. Stupid question alert. Can anyone else see our texts?  Like can my mom spy?”
“No…why?  You want to do some sexting???”
“Lol. You’ve got a lot to learn nature boy!”
This went on for about a half hour and I couldn’t understand why we wouldn’t just talk on the phones we were holding, or talk face to face, but it was kind of fun too. We made plans to meet up after dinner and go for a walk or hang out or something. 
My mom came up and told me it was a “on your own” dinner night, because my parents were going out for a date, and Kari was taking the other car to go see some friends. 
An hour later, I was home alone. I texted Kayla and told her of my status, and asked if she wanted to hang out. She was at the door 20 minutes later. She had dinner at home already, so she watched me nibble on a few things, while we talked in the kitchen. 
“Do you want to watch a movie or something?” Kayla asked. 
“Yeah. Sure. That sounds good.”
Kayla walked into the living room area and tried it seek out the tv and DVD player. “Ummm, so where’s the tv?  How do you watch a movie here?”
“Oh. Haha. Yeah, the only tv is in my mom and dad’s room. I just watch them in my room, on my laptop. It’s got a good screen and I got speakers to plug in. I’ll make popcorn and get drinks, and we can head up.”
“Sounds good.”
We got to my room and I pulled a chair up to the foot of my bed and set the laptop on it. We got everything arranged and decided to watch Click. An ok comedy with Adam Sandler. After we were tired of the popcorn, I removed the bowl between us, and Kayla quickly snuggled into me. Her hand, once again, finding that familiar place. 
“Does this bother you Daniel?”
“Not at all, but it is kind of funny, I think.”
“Funny how?”
“Well. I don’t know why you like my tummy so much.”
“Well” she said, as her hand moved from on top of my t-shirt, to underneath, “I like it because it’s flat and soft and warm.”
“Fair enough” I replied. 
“I can move it, if you’re uncomfortable.”
“No. Not at all. I like it. It feels nice, but I am pretty ticklish. It’s just…also….that ummm…I think you have a lot more experience with stuff than me…and.”
“Daniel. Don’t overthink ok?  I don’t have so called experience. I kissed one boy. Ok. I can’t believe I’m going to say this…ummm I saw you the day we moved in over the summer, and well, I’ve had a crush on you since that day. I only saw you a few times, but I think you’re very sexy. And then I meet you and you’re like the nicest, most real guy I’ve ever met. I have a hard time keeping my hands off of you, but I’m not saying, let’s have sex, I mean, unless you want to…I just.”
“Thank you Kayla. I really needed to hear that. I’ve been freaking out thinking I would not be good enough because I’ve never done anything with anyone. Is it cool if…we…I mean, go kind of slow…and.”
“Totally” she said, leaning in and gently kissing me on the lips. She placed her head in the nook of my arm and I hugged her shoulder, relieved that we seemed to be on the same page. We refocused on the movie, enjoying our time together. Knowing we both had a lot of life ahead of us. Hopefully together.

7 responses to “LIVE THROUGH THIS (part 16)

  1. Daniel’s mom comes through for him again with the nice first cell phone. It’s apparently an important milestone in a young person’s life these days.

    Kayla so wants to be a part of all of Daniel’s life. I like her more every day. I’m sure Daniel would benefit greatly from having someone to share his inner thoughts and feelings with, I wish he would open up completely to her.

    I just love this story more each time more appears. Being told it reflects real life just makes more believable these things I didn’t get to experience myself and would hesitate to think really could happen. I’m glad someone nice as Daniel did have that opportunity.

    I want to think this relationship will continue to blossom and progress in the direction it’s heading but I fear something will happen to put an abrupt end to it. I hope I can emotionally handle it if and when it happens. I hope Daniel can also.


  2. Hello David
    A nice chapter, with some good things happening for Daniel, including the resolution of some of his doubts and worries about his relationship with Kayla. To equate it to a musical concept, though, it gave me the feeling of an imperfect cadence, as though it's the introduction to something else. And something that might not be so congenial.

    Love & best wishes
    Sammy B


  3. Lots of questions for Daniel to answer. Sounds pretty typical. Your dialogue is so natural. I like that, it doesn't seem contrived.

    I agree with Andy. Daniel's mom needs to feed that boy!

    Peace <3


  4. I like this scene with Kayla. It's sweet, and it's good that they're communicating. Being that this is a story, though, it feels like the “calm before the storm”. I'm expecting something to interfere with their relationship sometime soon, but these sweet moments are nice. In some ways, Kayla seems pushy (like wanting to return to the farmhouse) but other times she's able to go with the flow (watching the movie on a laptop), which is really nice. I like that she has different facets to her personality.


  5. Yay, I'm caught up again!

    I remember those awkward feelings of trying to figure out your first relationships and the feelings of inadequacy. But Kayla was very reassuring to his fears, which is nice. Jay is right, your dialog is awesome.

    And that barn scene was freaky! Hope nothing bad comes from that.




  6. I read Madison's comment and I agree- it feels like the calm before the storm. I continue to enjoy Daniel's honest voice and I wonder where this is going with Kayla. I will be watching for the next segment of the story.


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