Before you, my small group of faithful readers, begin the next segment, I need to ask a favor.  I’ve already written some of the next installment, and I have to say, it really raises the sexy bar, like a lot!  I’m willing to do a toned down rewrite if that would be preferred.  Please, let me know what you think.  It really does matter to me.  I’d prefer this not to be remembered as porn…


My mom took a head count, and the overwhelming majority chose the apple pie, over the Baker’s Square purchased pumpkin pie. I drizzled warm caramel liberally over the recently baked pies, and sectioned them on plates, along side a single scoop of vanilla ice cream. I think it’s a sin to not serve pie a la mode. I delivered the slices two at a time, and was showered with compliments aplenty. I was quick to offer Kayla as my dedicated assistant, causing her to fidget from some positive appraisal of her own. 
Shortly after pie, my uncle said he and Avery needed to drop in on her family, before it got too late. He made early arrangements for Jeffery and I to spend a weekend at his place during Christmas break. His band picked up a new rental space, and he wanted to bring us over, to check it out. I thought it sounded like fun, and told him to count me in. 
Around 8:00, my and Jeffery’s parents headed into town, to the local bar, leaving us kids to fend for ourselves. Kari and Jessica went upstairs, leaving Kayla, Jeffery, and I alone, in the living room. We decided to set up my computer, and start our horror film marathon. It felt kind of early, but it was pitch black outside, and we had nothing better to do. 
I set the laptop on the coffee table, near the corner, where the two couches meet. It’s set up like an L, but it’s not a single couch. Jeffery claimed one of the couches, and stacked some pillows in the corner. He laid down, and drew a blanket up to his chin. 
I sat right alongside his head, on the other couch, with my feet propped up on the table. Kayla sat next to me, snuggled in close. I threw a blanket over the both of us. 
We watched some cheesy zombi flick, that was more funny, than scary. Kayla, being a baby when it comes to horror, still managed to get frightened, causing Jeffery and I to laugh. She had her hand firmly bolted to my hand the entire time. 
We took turns in the bathroom, and I rounded up some snacks, as we assembled for round two. This time we settled on a disturbing, weird film, called Drag Me To Hell. This one was scaring all three of us, but it was pretty boring at times too. 
The combination of doing nothing active all day, and eating like pigs, can take its toll on you. About half way through the movie, I heard a gentle snore coming from the other couch. I looked down to where Kayla was laying across my lap, and noticed her eyes were closed as well. The next thing I remember, was hearing my moms voice from the kitchen. 
I turned my head toward her and asked, “mom. What time is it?”
“Eleven o’clock honey.”
“Oh. We all fell asleep.”
“Is Kayla staying over?”
“I don’t know. I better wake her and ask.”
I gently woke her by running my fingers through her hair and whispering her name. She slowly came to and looked up at me. 
“My mom wants to know if you’re staying over.”
“Oh…ummm. Is it ok?”
“Yes dear. Sorry I don’t have better accommodations. Should you call your mother?  Will she still be up?”
“Yeah. I’ll text her. Thanks.”
“Don’t be too loud kids. Goodnight.”
All the adults dispersed to their rooms, leaving Kayla and I alone with a sleeping Jeffery.  
“I think I have some sweats and t-shirts in the dryer. Let me go check.”
I came back with both items I mentioned and Kayla stood to get out of her dress. She slipped into her comfy clothes while I stripped down to my boxers. 
“How should we do this?” I asked. 
“Why don’t you lay down, and I’ll lay on top, or wherever I fit.”
We both giggled a little, realizing it could be hard to figure out a way for both of us to get comfortable to sleep. We tried her idea. I laid down on my back and she laid down on top of me.  That was comfortable for about two minutes, so we tried twisting and turning in various ways. We tried spooning together, but the couch just wasn’t wide enough. One of us would end up falling off the edge after we fell asleep.
“I could just sleep on the chair” I offered. “It reclines too.”
Kayla pouted, “no. Please. Sleep with me.”
I shrugged my shoulders. “Ok. We can try again.”
We settled on a variation of option one. I laid on my back with my legs opened up, and she scooted down until her ear was resting on my stomach. 
“How’s this?” I asked. “Are you comfortable?”
“Yeah. It’s good, except there’s a spike poking  my armpit.”
“Oh. Sorry. I don’t know how to control that.”
“It’s ok. I don’t mind. Goodnight Daniel.”
“Goodnight Kayla.”
Kayla was asleep again, within minutes. I, on the other hand, was pretty cold, with a blanket only covering my legs. I managed to reach my sweater on the floor, with my fingertips, and slowly drag it in. I covered my upper half, and felt much better. I couldn’t help but wonder if my mom would have invited Kayla to spend the night, if she wasn’t drunk. Either way, it was cool to get a chance to sleep with my…girlfriend?  Could be…I guess. 
I woke up sometime later, and noticed Kayla had slid down during the night. She was sleeping in such a way, that she was breathing right on my ah-hem. It was both awkward and intense. I had exciting thoughts and images dancing through my head. Looking out the window, I could see the nighttime sky lightening, ever so slightly.  This certainly would not look good, if anybody woke up and stumbled out here. 
I found her armpits and gently pulled her sleeping form up my body, until her ear was resting on my chest. I pulled the blanket up too. This would look a lot better if we were seen, before I moved to the chair. Having her warm, soft body over mine, felt too good to just move away from. I figured I had a few more hours, before I had to move myself to the chair. 
I fell back asleep, and didn’t manage to move myself in time. The smell of coffee invaded my nostrils. I stealthily located my pants on the floor and quietly woke Kayla up. I slipped into my pants and Kayla scooted to the other end of the couch. Even though we didn’t do anything, I was nervous about how things looked. 
About a half hour later my aunt and uncle came down from upstairs and answered the call of the aromatic coffee in the kitchen. 
Shortly after, Kayla said she needed to get home, so I offered to walk her. 
“So thanks for coming over. I hope it wasn’t too bad.”
“It was fun. Thanks for having me.”
“So, what are you doing Saturday night?  I was wondering if you’d like to like go somewhere. To a movie or something.”
“Oh. I didn’t tell you, did I?”
“My cousin is coming down and my mom is taking us to the Mall of America. We’re staying at a hotel Saturday night.”
“Oh Cool. If you’re into that kind of thing.”
“I’d invite you, if you think…”
“Uhh…no way man. I’d rather puke than stay at a mall all weekend.”
“That’s what I figured. It’s kind of a girls weekend. So yeah, that’s why I need to get home. We are getting her from the airport today. You’re staying at Mark’s tonight?”
“Yeah. Maybe Saturday too now.”
“Umm…next weekend. Ok?  Let’s do that next weekend. You and me.”
“Yeah. Cool. Umm…see ya. Have fun. Shop shop shop.”
We had a good hug, and I nice kiss at her doorstep. She went in, and I went home. 
I walked in to the smell of Belgian waffles cooking in the griddle. Heck yeah!  My favorite. I poured myself a glass of orange juice and waited for my turn in the rotation. 
“Daniel?  You are going to stay by Mark’s tonight?”
“Ok. So I will run you by the doctor. That’s at 11:00, then to Mark’s?  Is he ok with that?  It would save me an extra trip, and your sister and I were going to do some Black Friday shopping.”
“Yup. It’s all been set up. My doctor, then Mark’s. I might stay Saturday too. Is that cool?”
“If his mother says so.”
“They better take this flippin’ cast off today. Any longer and I’m gonna freak out.”
11:00 rolled around and I found myself sitting in the lobby of the clinic, anxiously waiting for my visit with the doctor. By 11:15 I was being taken to the exam room. By 12:00 I was walking back out to the lobby cast-free. Not only that, I was standing at the ginormous stature of 5’1″. I’d grown like 4″ in the last couple months!  My weight hadn’t caught up yet, but it will. 
I texted Mark to tell him I was on my way, and he seemed pretty excited about that. I arrived and knocked at his door. I heard a loud ‘COME IN!’ from somewhere behind the door, so I entered and saw Mark sitting on the floor, in front of the couch, holding a game remote, moving spastically. 
“What up?” Mark said, not taking his eyes off the tv screen. 
“Almost done with this mission, ok?”
“No probs.”
Then I heard what sounded like a heard of elephants bounding down the stairs, along with a high pitched voice, asking “hey Marky?  Who’s here?”
Before either of us could react, Adam leapt through the air, screaming “DAN KNEE!”  He landed crookedly on my back with his face in front of mine, smiling back at me. 
“Wow Adam!  What a spaz” Mark said, eyes still glued to the tv. 
“Whatever butthead.”
“How’s it goin’ Adam?” I asked, coming from a different angle than Mark. 
“Good. Where’ve you been?  Why don’t you come over?”
“I’m here now, right?”
“Yeah. You staying over?”
“Uh hu.”
“Cool!  Hey come to my room. I want to show you something.”
I followed him up. Able to keep up with him better than before, with my newly freed leg. 
“I got some new songs I learned” he said, picking up his guitar and turning on his amp. He started to play ‘All the Small Things’
by Blink 182. 
“Can you tell what that is?”
“Hell yeah. Blink dude. Sounds nice.”
He played a little Sum-41 for me next. 
“You’re getting good.”
“Guess what?”
“I got a guitar for my birthday, from my uncle.”
“Yeah. It’s an acoustic one, but it’s fun still.”
“You know any songs?”
“A little yeah. Do you know Nirvana?”
“Yeah. Mark showed me them.”
He handed me his guitar and asked me to show him.  I played the into to ‘Come as You Are’  and he flipped out. 
“Damn!  You’re good!”
“Nah. Not as good as you are.”
“Play more. More Nirvana.”
We took turns playing and learning from each other for a while. 
“Well, I probably should see what Mark is doing?”
“Yeah. I know he’s happy you came back. He was really bummin’ when you stopped talking to him.”
I feel really bad about that. I get pretty stupid sometimes.”
“I’m happy you’re back too. Most of my brothers friends have always been dicks to me.”
“Why?  You’re cool.”
“You coming down too?”
“A little later, yeah.”
“Ok. See ya.”
Mark was still playing his game when I got back downstairs. 
“Dude!  I know I’m not being the best host. Do you play Halo?
“Nah. I suck at video games. Don’t worry about it.  Can I grab a glass of water?”
“Dude. Get whatever you want. The fridge has Mountain Dew. I’ll take one.”
I set a can down next to him and sat on the other couch to watch. 
“Yeah, I’m with my California posse and we’ve been slaying other crews all morning. I’ll quit after this mission.”
“Don’t worry about it dude. I’m not going anywhere. Is it umm…still cool if I stay tomorrow night too?”
“Shit yeah!  That’d be awesome.  What do you want to do?  Like all day tomorrow. My mom could drop us somewhere or something.”
“Yeah. Whatever. Movie or something. I got like 40 bucks.”
“Cool. Yeah. We’ll figure something out.”
True to his word, Mark finished his mission and told his buddies he’d play more later. He shut down his console, and looked at me for the first time since my arrival. 
“Hey!  You got your cast off.”
“Yup. Right before I came here.”
“Cool. You got any scars or anything?”
“Nah” I said, while pulling off my sock, and pulling up my pant leg to show him. 
“Holy shit!  You’ve got seriously hairy legs dude!”
“Haha!  That’s what I wanted to show you. It’s from the cast. It got all hairy and nasty under there. It’ll fall out. I’m not hairy at all. See?”
I pulled up my other pant leg to show him my normal, almost devoid of hair, other leg. 
“Oh damn!  That’s so weird. I got more hair than you, on my legs. I got some other places too” he said back with a mischievous smile. 
I didn’t really know what to say, so I said nothing. It was kind of intriguing though. 
“Alright hairy leg. What you want to do today?”
“Umm…I don’t know. Got any ideas?”
“We could walk to Walgreen’s and get some junk food and a couple Redbox movies for tonight. I can get my mom to get take-out in her way home from shopping. Do you like Chinese?”
“Yeah. That sounds like a good idea. Should we get Adam to come with?”
“Yeah. I suppose.”
We made the short walk to Walgreen’s and got a load of junk food and three movies, and headed back. 
Mark’s mom came home just after 5:00 with a bunch of Chinese take-out. We pigged out on wantons, egg rolls, lo mien, fried rice, and chow mien. Mark’s mom announced she was going out with some friends and that we were supposed to be nice to Adam, and not burn the house down. She also reminded us about horror films, and Adam’s nightmares. Mark told her we’d lock Adam in a closet with a horror movie and play with matches in the living room. She thumped him on the head and threatened to take me home. Funny stuff. 
Even though the upstairs living room is much bigger, has better couches, and a better tv, we filed downstairs and piled onto the single couch, to watch movies. We took our positions on the couch with Mark and Adam at the corners and me sitting in the middle. We were armed with Mountain Dew, caramel popcorn, Pringles, and red licorice. 
We started with Iron Man 2, which was about what you’d expect. Shit getting blown up and a lot of fighting. It was good. For the next film, Adam was insistent we watch A Nightmare on a Elm Street over a The Expendables. Mark argued and reminded Adam what their mom said, but in the end, Adam got his way. 
As the movie rolled on, Adam tried to play it off, like it wasn’t scary, but the grip he had on my arm when the ominous music would kick in, told me otherwise. I swear, he was an even bigger chicken, than Kayla. It ended about 9:30, and for Adam’s sake, we put on The Expendables, so he could find something else to think about, other than Freddy Krueger. Adam fell asleep fairly quickly, as his sitting form slowly slumped into my shoulder. I grabbed a pillow from the corner and placed it on my lap. I lowered his head onto it, so he wouldn’t wake up with a severely kinked neck. 
Mark was curled up in a ball at the other end of the couch, sawing logs too. These boys are serious lightweights. Sleeping before 10?  I scooted down toward Mark, to give Adam some room to stretch out his legs. 
I couldn’t get into this movie at all, so I switched back to cable, and flipped around the channels. 
A while later, Mark and Adam’s mom got home and came downstairs. 
“Sleeping?  Both of them?”
“Yeah. The movie was pretty bad.”
“I don’t get it. Marks usually up later than me. I hope you didn’t get too bored honey.”
“Nah. It’s ok.”
“Here. I’ll take Adam off your hands.”
“I can carry him up.”
“Would ya?  That would be such a big help. He’s getting so heavy for me.”
“Yeah. Sure.”
I slung his arms and head over my shoulders and stood up. Dear god!  As dead weight, he was heavy as hell. There was no backing out now, so I carried him up the first set of stairs and stopped to catch my breath. Mark’s mom went up ahead of me to turn on some lights for me to navigate. 
I climbed the second set of stairs, amazed that I didn’t drop him, and shuffled my way into his room. I dropped him onto his bed, and suddenly felt exhausted. His eyes fluttered open and a huge smile crept across his face. 
“Thank you Danny. Goodnight.”
“G’nite Adam.”
I watched him struggle to keep his eyes open for a minute, before it turned to walk away. As I get to the doorway, I heard, barely over a whisper “I love you Danny.”
I smiled and whispered back “love you too.”

5 responses to “LIVE THROUGH THIS (part 41)

  1. Hey David. This was a good chapter. I like the sleepovers at Mark's, they remind me of the sleepovers I used to have. But yeah, major lightweights falling asleep before 10.

    As for the next chapter, I think you should just write it however you want to and not worry about how people will receive it. You're writing for you, we just happen to be here to read it as well. If you want it all hot and steamy, that's your call. If you want to reel it back and make it more PG, you're more than welcome to. I'll read whatever you put on the screen. Its your story, tell it how you want.




  2. Hello David
    As Kevin says, you should write in whatever way you're happy and comfortable with, and let the audience take it as they will. If anyone doesn't like it, they're perfectly free to go and read something else, after all. Whichever version you decide on, I'll certainly be here to read it, as, I'm sure, will numerous others.

    Love & best wishes
    Sammy B


  3. I'm really enjoying your story David, thanks again for sharing it.

    It's your story, write it in the way that feels right for you. I'll understand either way.



  4. A very nice and innocent chapter. It’s hard for me to imagine parents so tolerant of Daniel and Kayla being together at night the way they were. I guess it was an age thing, they were still thought of as being children rather than possibly horny teens. It is really cute how they managed the sleeping arrangement and made it through the night the way they did.

    I had almost forgotten about the injured foot, glad the cast came off. I’ve never heard of a cast causing hair growth underneath, I’ve never had one.

    It’s nice that Adam and Daniel are both learning to play the guitar at the same time. Adam seems like a really nice kid and he sure likes and idolizes Daniel.
    I don’t know what to advise you about the segments to follow, the degree of detail to include. I understand your concerns, your desire to not be remembered as a porn writer. I personally want to know all that happened, to better understand the life I’ve been following and because I missed out on all of that when I was growing up, but I can imagine that some others might not be so inclined. The story will be interesting to me whichever path you choose. I guess it would be nice to have both versions available so the reader could choose the path he wanted to follow but I don’t know how that could be possible. Just follow your own inclination and don’t worry too much about what others might think. – Aof


  5. Please please please…write your story your way. Watering it down because of us only diminishes it to you, and that's not right. Anyone who wants to be offended, well, you have to wonder how invested they are in hearing your true life story.

    I loved this chapter. Took me back a lot of years. Glad Mark and Daniel are continuing as friends!

    Peace <3


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