Happy International Left Handers Day to me.


10 responses to “:D

  1. Hello David
    I hadn't heard of the celebration, but thanks for the heads – or is it hands! – up, because a certain daughter of mine is a 'leftie', too! Have a great day!

    Love & best wishes
    Sammy B


  2. For starters…this world is prejudiced against leftys. Everything is set up for stupid rightys. I first started playing guitar right handed, but it was uncomfortable. After a little hardware, we flipped the guitar and strung it upside-down. New nut, bridge…tuners do sometimes get in the way. Lefty guitars are hard to find (used)


  3. Six Chuter Powered Parachutes are set up for lefties: the ground steering stick is with the left hand, while the throttle is controlled with the right hand. Steering the canopy in the air is done with the “rudder” pedals {left for left turns, right for right turns and both pedals to flare for the landing.

    btw: Is there such a thing as being “left footed” 😛

    “Bravo Zulu” ……. “FOGGY”


  4. And Happy Lefties Day to you, too! I think I knew (but no idea how) you were a southpaw (for whatever root THAT has). I agree with you, everything is set up for us righties. I do know that by high school there were about 1 out of 30 desks for lefties – not nearly enough!

    Peace <3


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