Is there anybody out there?

An Update…or Something
The trip to the beautiful BWCA was just what I needed, at exactly the right time. Alone time with my guru, my mentor, my lighted tunnel in so much darkness and confusion (that place being my mind) was also what I needed desperately, at just the right time. 
We’ve been living through a record breaking draught this summer in Minnesota. Blades of grass, like pine needles. Of course, the bubble burst while we were living in a miniature tent city. Soaking us and all of our belongings to the bone. I embraced it. I laid on my back in the mud during the midnight storm, letting the water cleanse me. Purify me. In my mind I became savage. Wolf. I wanted to run through the woods. Howling and screaming. I wanted to become one with this unmolested landscape. Early man. I honestly thought about never going back out to rejoin the boring masses and the mundane human experience. 
After about an hour, the downpour reduced to a trickle. The mosquitos returned and I became cold and uncomfortable. Where’s my blankie?  So much for becoming a tough wolf man.   
Onto more current events…
School has fired up again. One more dance with the education system, and I will be a free man. Complete with a certificate of completion. At least for now, this will be the end of my education. I will always be learning and seeking out knowledge, but college just isn’t in the cards for me. There’s no trust fund or nest egg, tucked away somewhere for me. That’s not a complaint. It’s simply reality. I don’t think anybody could picture me going to college, getting a degree, and joining corporate America with an Armani suit. After graduating, my plan is to board a one-way to Norway, and get to know my distant family. Or maybe fly back to Australia, lay on the beach, and meet the man of my dreams. Hell, I could meet him in Norway too. 

Anyway, this thing is still on hold. I was going to share a bunch of thoughts and feelings in this post, but I kind of like the way it feels as it sits. Next time…I promise. 


8 responses to “Is there anybody out there?

  1. Thank you for the update, you’ve been missed. I’m glad to know the BWCA trip with your uncle was meaningful to you as I thought it would be. I like your description of your one-hour flight of fancy as the rain came down, then back to the uncomfortable reality.

    Don’t worry too much about what happens next, just concentrate on making your senior school year the best it can be. The future will sort itself out later though your stated plans are something to imagine and look forward to.

    I eagerly await your continued writing about Daniel’s progress after the last traumatic event chronicled. You’ve got a lot of ground to cover yet, I hope you can accomplish it along with all the other things you will have to do over the next few months. – Aof


  2. Hello David
    I'm glad your escape from the rat race went well – it's not something I could envisage myself doing, because, much as I might like looking at wild landscapes, I value my creature comforts far too much to embrace the 'back to nature' experience!
    I think I can see where you're coming from when you say you don't see yourself in the corporate world, but aren't there other ways you could extend your education in more creative areas? I'm not familiar with the way higher education works over there, but here, we have the University of the Arts in and around London, and I think my daughter, if she eventually chooses university as her next step in a couple of years time, would want to head in that direction. With your abilities, art, music, creative writing, could there be scholarships you might pursue? Whatever you decide, of course, I hope you achieve your dreams, both in a career sense and in finding the kind of relationship that suits you best. It's no more than you deserve.

    Love & best wishes
    Sammy B


  3. Welcome back. I know the feelings you had exactly. From the exhilaration to the coldness. But I know, too, how much good it does you.

    You know, there's a lot of ways to continue your education, nest egg or not, if you wanted to. As Sammy pointed out, it's not all Armani suits and offices. In fact, a very good friend of mine just started music school at VCU. He wants to teach music!

    Fortunately, you're a smart young man, and I think you will make good decisions in your life. But for sure, reach for your dreams!

    (Any chance your story will continue?)

    Peace <3


  4. Well it sounds like you got everything you wanted out of your trip! Although getting washed out in the middle of the night is never fun in a tent. But at least we got some rain! That was getting pretty ridiculous. I'd love to hear more about the trip, and what lakes you went on.

    You don't need a trust fund or a nest egg to go to college. Between scholarships and student loans and grants, there's a whole bunch of money out there available to you. And if you don't want to go the 'traditional' route (I don't blame you), there are plenty of tech schools out there. Hell, I wanna say MCTC is only a couple grand a year, or maybe a semester. That's way better than 40 grand a year at the U. I'm not saying you have to keep going, I'm just saying don't rule it out completely because of money.

    Or, you know, just find a suger daddy to pay for it…. 😛




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