gjenfødelse VIII

I was aware that something was different. There was a certain haziness, and a hollowness to the sound. It was like the sound was traveling through a tunnel, and there was this distant hum in the background. It was dark except for a soft yellow glow, low in the corners. My movements were slow and deliberate, while I searched my surroundings. It felt like time had slowed down, but somehow I was in control of it. I turned my head from side to side, scanning the landscape, trying to figure out where I was. I couldn’t feel my body. This was all so very strange.

Suddenly, the sound was sucked away, like passing through a tube, and there was a blinding flash of light. I clenched my eyes tightly from the white hot brilliance. Then the sound returned to normal. The light came back. I was sitting in a movie theater. I was aware of others around me. My right hand was warm. There was another hand laced with my fingers. The rest of me was ice cold. I could see my breath in here. Why is it so cold?  I could hear giggling to my left.

I glanced over. It was dark and foggy. I trained my eyes until an image came into view. It was two people engaged in a kiss. I could see a hand sweeping through hair, as the two heads rotated in sync with the passionate show of affection. I could hear exaggerated moans and the rather disturbing smacking sounds of spit being exchanged. It was so over the top, it felt intentional. As hard as I tried, I could not pull my eyes away from the display of affection.

I then noticed the once warm hand that was holding mine had turned ice cold. I whipped my head the other direction, just as what looked like a skeleton disintegrated into powder, and evaporated into thin air.

The giggles I heard earlier had returned. More ominously now. I looked back to my left. The couple sitting there were still in lip lock. Moaning and groaning. I couldn’t figure out how they were able to kiss like that, and laugh so clearly, at the same time. There was definitely something very strange happening here. The music from the movie took on an eerie tone. A high pitched violin was frantically screeching its way through a wall of deep, warbling synth tones. Louder and louder.  Faster and faster. Such chaos. Ear splitting. My head feels like it will explode.

The kissing. The petting. Getting more intense. In time with the music. Thump thump thump thump. My head hurts. Too loud. Too much.



The lips slowly separate. They turn their heads in my direction.

I’ve seen this before. It can’t be. Staring at me are Mark and Kayla. Ghost white complexion. Opal black eyes. Deadpan. Expressionless. I sit frozen. Locked. I feel my body start to sweat. I’m about to Hyperventilate. I need air. How can I be here again in this nightmare?  This can’t be happening.

Their emotionless faces erupt into a chorus of a thousand laughing voices. Striking from every angle. Awful, evil voices from Hell. Mocking me.

Then, like before, the sound is sucked out of the room, followed by a brilliant flash. I’m suddenly standing in an all too familiar, gloomy hallway.  A place with all its dread and all its history. I see the flickering orange glow. I’m not gonna move. Not a single step.

Flash!  Boom!

I’m standing at the foot of the bed, again. I don’t want to look. I can’t move my head. I can’t blink my eyes.  I see his nakedness. Erotic thrust. Moans. Ecstasy.

Flash!  Boom!

She sits atop. Whirling. Plunging. His hands on her waist. I can’t watch. I can’t see this. Kayla turns her head. Locks me in the eyes. She looks normal, but I see sadness in her eyes. The world around us disappears. A single tear rolls down her cheek.

Flash!  Boom!

I wake up. Where am I?  This is not my bedroom. I’m soaked in sweat. My heart is trying to jump out of my chest. What the fuck was that?  Holy Hell that was a scary dream. I jump when I realize I am not alone. It’s so dark and cold in here. Oh. Oh. Thank god. It’s Mark. I’m at Mark’s house. It’s coming back to me now.

I sat up in bed and rubbed my eyes. I quietly stepped out of bed and went to the bathroom to wash my face. Looking in the mirror a profound feeling of sadness consumed me. I need to talk to Kayla. It can’t end like this.


7 responses to “gjenfødelse VIII

  1. Wow, what colorful imaginative dreams Daniel has! Or rather nightmares. What a tangle of emotions! And what descriptive illustrative writing David can do! Intense is certainly the right word for this.

    I hope something happens soon with the relationship between Mark, Daniel, and Kayla to put Daniel’s mind at rest so these wild mental tangents will stop. He doesn’t deserve to be in such a mental limbo.

    The saga continues and the audience remains enthralled. – Aof


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