I’m still not done with the two latest chapters of my stories, so I thought I should post something…

Inspired by a fellow blogger-type friend, who recently posted after a lengthy absence (too long IMO) I’m going to share with you, one of my greatest obsessions.  I do have a certain love affair with cooking.  I enjoy cooking all types of food, with a strong leaning toward Italian. Above all other cooking obsessions, stands one food in particular.  It’s an obsession that has directed me to buying books and other specialty supplies.  I’ve read countless online articles, and visited many online forums and blogs.  I’ve tried nearly a hundred different recipes and variations of cooking techniques and ingredients.  What food could drive me to such great lengths?  PIZZA of course.

I’ve spent the last three years trying to make the perfect homemade pizza.  My goal is to serve a pizza that is worthy of being bought at a restaurant.  If you’ve ever made or had a homemade pizza, you can immediately identify it’s inferiority to restaurant purchased pizza.  I’m not talking about Pizza Hut or Dominos here. I’m talking about your favorite local pizza shop. The wood fire place with all made from scratch ingredients. I’m trying to replicate that, and it’s no easy task.

I’m getting close. I have my crust and my sauce just about right. I am proud of what I’ve accomplished so far, but there’s just something…I’ll figure it out, eventually.

I know I can’t be 100% satisfied until I get a proper over. I am limited to 500 degrees and a cooking stone. Once I get a wood fire, I can cook the bitch at 600, and really make the Italian masters take notice. I’m cooking everything to their tradition, so I’m sure they’d give me a nod.


10 responses to “FOOD

  1. Interesting. Just another talent/skill I failed to mention. Those in the photos look good. I hope you can continue your research/experimentation in your new location. I would love to be able to taste and critique. I’m no connoisseur though, I’m afraid I’m easily satisfied with some of the frozen variety from the local grocery store. – Aof


  2. Hello David
    Another string to your creative bow, and if you have half as much talent in the culinary field as you have in your other ventures, I'm sure the results would be very palatable. I can cook up to a point, and started to learn young – my mum was a professional cook, and my dad was the son of a professional cook, so it sort of runs in the family.
    I was glad to see Tony back, too – here's hoping he doesn't stay away so long in future.

    Love & best wishes
    Sammy B


  3. Very cool! Or is it HOT? I thought for sure you were going to say “apple pie”! I like making pizza from “nearly scratch”. It's so much better than anything from Pizza Hut or Dominoes. I can't do sauce worth a crap, but I like fresh sausage, good cheeses, fresh mushrooms, things like that!

    Peace <3


  4. nice …… NICE :))
    Food is now consuming me everywhere.
    You could make a name for yourself with that pie in “door #2”.

    Have you ever thought about operating a “Pizza & Pasta” food truck?

    I NEVER thought about going into the “Mobile Food Cart” bizz; but thanks to my 'Bestie' Patrick, I've exhausted my savings, maxed my C.C.'s and jumped wholeheartedly into HIS dream (I love him, after all). He's a great cook, and an even greater salesman (he can sell Jesus to the Devil). In this partnership, he'll cook the food while I cook the books.

    I'll give ya a “call” in 8 months, and let you know how them pork bellies are flying out the door.

    You're doing the same thing now that he was doing “back in the day” as a kid; and if cooking is anything like flying, then I know it can become an infectious disease. And it's contagious – my pants are getting smaller every day :~/

    “BZ” …… “FOGGY” :))


  5. Ooh! I just made pizza for dinner tonight! Although, my dough wasn't exactly home made…That sounds hard to perfect.

    I know what you mean about the ovens. My friend is currently building his wife a pizza oven in their back yard. I can't wait for the invite on that!

    I'm hungry again…




  6. Do you make desserts, too?

    Then I could use that quote from Gil the food critic (of the Frasier show) who everyone thought was gay:

    “Honestly, just because a man dresses well and knows how to use a pastry bag, people jump to wild conclusions!”




  7. HaHa…Frasier is an incredibly funny show, you should watch the reruns!

    I think *all* the male actors in the show are gay, either out or allegedly, and they are *so* camp they are a riot, IMO.





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