Goofin’ Around

Here’s a sketch inspired by Andy. This is the two lead boys, Tyler and Timothy, from the Savior story. 

I don’t know how to rotate a picture with an iPhone. I really need to invest in a computer or something. Sorry about the sore necks haha…


11 responses to “Goofin’ Around

  1. Ah, another nice drawing to add to my vast DJ collection. As always, your skill never fails to amaze me. I love seeing these things you do. – Aof


  2. That's pretty bad ass! I still don't get how you do that on a phone. Do you use a stylus? Or just your finger?

    So if you don't have a computer, that means you've been writing all these stories on a phone keyboard? Your poor fingers!




  3. Yup. All on my phone. Poor fingers…more like poor eyes.

    I use a finger (index). I tried a stylus once, but it felt weird. I use a free app called documents for my writing. The art I do on an app called Sketchbook Mobile. To answer a question from before that I forgot to answer. I do not drive. No car and no license.


  4. That just amazes me… I don’t have a smart phone but I can’t imagine writing a long composition on other than a full size keyboard. No wonder they are so far apart!

    Nor can I imagine doing such a detailed drawing on something small either. I guess you must greatly magnify each small area of the drawing to work on it, then zoom out frequently to see how the whole picture is evolving. Tedious!

    Also unimaginable from my point of view at the time is an 18-year old not having a car nor driving. That was my main interest and focus at that point in life. I think you are definitely a unique person.

    I wish you could have all these things you need right now. You need a rich sponsor. – Aof


  5. BTW, I'm sorry I'm so late. There is no equivalent to a “date of last post” blogroll in WordPress, and the alternatives pretty much suck. I fear I will always be behind by a day or two.

    Peace <3


  6. Fewer and fewer teens are getting licenses these days. Just 8-10 years ago, it was a given that as soon as one turned 16, you got a license. Now, something less than 60% (if I remember correctly) get a license at 16, a few more percent by 17, and a few more by 18. It has to do with expense as much as anything. One good thing: plummeting teenage death rates from traffic accidents!

    While all of us in the “older generations” took a license for granted, now, not so much.

    Peace <3


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