Second Chance

I received an email earlier today from Kevin, informing me that Tristan (Rent Boy) was back in action. He’s slowly rolling out his re-edited original story, and continuing where he left off. This is news I have been waiting to hear for years.

Some of you, maybe all, know my story begins with Tristan’s story. I wouldn’t be here now, and met all you lovely people, if it weren’t for his story. Ironically he has the same number of chapters posted, as when I found it originally at 13. I read all of it this evening, and although I’m seeing it through different eyes now, I still absolutely love it. I’m very excited to keep reading. 
Also, maybe even more ironic, last weekend a ridiculously gorgeous boy came into our shop in need of some supplies. He passed up a chance to be guided around by the skinny, big titted girl I was working with, to have me help him. Short.  Kind of cut, but still skinnyish.  Perfect ass in the worlds tightest jeans.  Big blue eyes. Shaggy, dirty-blond hair. Pink, windburned cheeks. I could go on and on. He was as close to perfection as I’ve seen. To top it off, he was really nice. We got so sidetracked, talking about everything and anything, that it took him nearly an hour to get what he needed for his SCSU freshman class. Yes, he goes to college, hours and hours away. I don’t know what he’s into, but I did catch him looking at my private area. I wish I would have taken a risk, and asked for his number. You never know, if you don’t try. As it stands, all I know is his name is Trisran, and I could have fallen in love.

So, short story made long…his name got me thinking about Rent Boy again….

Here’s the link. Do yourself a favor and check it out. You won’t be disappointed.


20 responses to “Second Chance

  1. Hello David
    I never did get into Rent Boy the first time around, so, as you suggest, this second chance might be worth taking. And I hope you get a second chance with the cutie, too!

    Love & best wishes
    Sammy B


  2. I’m glad to see TS back and to know he is apparently ok. That was my first experience to an online story and an eye opener. And it led to my first exposure to blogs, another one then yours. I’ve learned a lot about myself since and because of them, came to realizations that needed to be made, retreated to the place where I guess I belong.

    I’ll start rereading the story and see how it affects me this time.

    Interesting your chance encounter with the vision that walked into the shop (You have a job in a ‘shop’, apparently you are still in MN, details about your life are sure hard to come by) but it is too bad he will be ‘hours and hours’ away. I hope his apparent interest in you brings him back there and that the next time you will get some contact details. Life can be like that: a chance encounter can lead to good things. I’ll bet you will be watching the door for his return. Good luck! – Aof


  3. “Details about your life are sure hard to come by”

    That's no accident. Anyway, I would think that I've been sharing a great deal of my life with you all 🙂


  4. What’s it been, five years? The story is new to me again, magical. I’m enjoying this ride all over again. It’s transporting me to a scary place but one I can relate to even if my life was nothing like that. As I read, it seems as if I am there, a part of it. – Aof


  5. You certainly have been sharing your early life and I’m thankful for that. I don’t understand the need for such privacy now that you are ‘of age’ (I realize it was necessary back then) but I guess you must have your reasons. I just hope your life now and your future is all you want it to be. – Aof


    • I get the need for privacy. “Of age” only implies legalities in some things. It can still be necessary, and many times desirable. Aof, I note you use only an anonymous account and initials. So even if David knows who you are IRL, perhaps there are good reasons to remain less “find-able”. Me, I gave it up when I got google-nuked and am now hosting my blog on my own server, with my name in the domain name. But I don’t encourage that with young adults. I don’t believe that every adult is a bad guy (look at all of us here!), but there can be creeps out there! Especially online since they can hide behind the anonymity of the Internet!

      Peace ❤


  6. Andy was kind enough to send me the link since Kevin couldn't find my email! I just finished all 19 chapters that are posted, and it's in my blog list. I hope you'll do some new artwork for the site!

    I sure hope your boy comes back! You need a bf!!!

    Peace <3


  7. I literally LOL'd at this. Half my office is looking at me weirdly now. Thanks 😛

    I didn't get into RB the first time around, either, because of… reasons… I'm glad it's back, and, I'm reading it this time and am going to participate in the discussions this time around. G emailed me to let me know about it and invited me to take a look. So far, the story is awesome (I'm up to chapter 19, and it looks like a few more were posted last night). I dropped the URL to Rowan, too – he might drop in, but might not. Anyway, looking forward to how things are going around here and over there, now, too.

    David, I'd like to also add my support for any art you happen to feel like drawing for RB. You were always so good at it. And I hope you find your Tristen, and that something special does happen. I'm in weird space right now myself with something, or, rather, someone, similar who wandered into my life sorta. He's already quit smoking for me (because I'm allergic), and offered to quit drinking for me last night (I turned him down, so long as his drinking remains 'within reason') which I thought was a truly amazing gesture. But then he went on to tell me about this girl he went on a date with and kissed and how wonderful it was, so I clearly still have some more work to do. But he'll come around, I hope 😀


  8. David,

    Thanks so much for the plug, your patience and loyalty. I do hope you enjoy the story again. I’ve linked to you (I hope its alright?) and I’ll be reading your blog.

    P.S. If the universe sends windburned cheeks back to you … carpe diem!

    Cheers, Tristan


    • I’m astounded you would say this. I can’t even imagine anyone not welcoming you anywhere for any reason.

      I hope you are doing ok and I hope you are continuing to write. I keep watching for more of your efforts to show up. I just know you have many fans and I doubt you have any enemies. – Aof


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