A Dream of Mine

Sometimes I think the world would be a better place if I could convince every single person on the planet to sing and dance with me at the same time.  It could be so beautiful, I think.

Hmmm….I would choose this song…will you sing and dance with me?


8 responses to “A Dream of Mine

  1. You’re mighty philosophical this evening. It sure would be nice if all the people of the world could get along with each other, singing and dancing together would be great. It really makes me sad when I see the news each day about all the fighting and terrorism going on all around the world. It just seems like there isn’t much of a future ahead for the human race. I wish I knew a way to fix it all but I haven’t got a clue and it seems no one else does either. Maybe you and the younger generation coming after you can find a way. – Aof


  2. Singing and dancing is a great way to bring people together. The choice of music is also wonderful, though I don’t know the song well enough to belt it out properly. And, well, I can’t dance, unless you count tripping over your own two left feet and landing on your arse. But for you, I’d try!


  3. Reminds me of my early 1980’s days in El Centro, Ca. As drab and desolate as it looks, I honestly like it there. If it only wasn’t so darned expen$ive :/


  4. I think you may be right about that. People forget to make time for things like dancing and singing. It’s the best way to cheer yourself up. I think people think that they can’t, so they don’t. I can’t sing, and I can’t dance, but you best believe I will!




  5. Hello David
    I can’t sing or (especially) dance either, but anything that could help bring people together, and help them see that, ultimately, we’re all one species, with far more in common than not, has to be worthwhile. I saw your post early this morning, and spent some time thinking about what song I might choose, were the choice mine, while I was on the bus to work. I came up with Sit Down by James, not a million miles, in musical terms, from your song, even if the lyrics are arguably a little darker. I’m sure your brighter selection would and should prevail.

    Love & best wishes
    Sammy B


  6. I do so wish you could arrange that. I’d be there in a heartbeat. Great song! I suspect I’ll be listening to it 100 times like you did.

    I agree with everyone, singing and dancing, whether you are “good” at them or not, is still FUN. It’s uplifting, it’s just hard to not be happy when you’re doing one, or the other, or both. I dance like an elephant on crutches, but when my bff manages to drag me onto the dance floor, no one cares if I stomp around a bit too much, and everyone I see there is smiling!

    Peace ❤


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