For there is a price for love

You do not just 



Suddenly bestilled


To be


So threadbare

Love’s intrepid lesions

Lined up in rows

On this fragile heart

A collection for the daring


A reminder of love displaced

Coming soon…

Deception (book three)



13 responses to “

  1. Hello David
    It will be bittersweet, I’m sure, having been there in a tangential way. Looking forward to it.

    Love & best wishes
    Sammy B


  2. I don’t quite follow the poem (is that what it is?) but it looks sophisticated to my simple, backwoods, unlearned mind. You are much more than one level above me.

    I am really looking forward to Book Three. I have so many questions, and an unproven theory or two. Thanks for continuing.

    I hope you are staying warm there, Spring is not too far away now. – Aof


  3. I just wanted to voice my support. You have quite a little following, David. We’re all here for you. Take care!

    Happy Valentine’s Day to everybody.

    Love, always!


  4. What can I say guys. I’m a bit disappointed sitting here. I put a lot of work into this little intro. Poetry does not come easy, and I thought I did a pretty descent job here. Apparently not. Does anybody out there know what the blue rose means? Apparently not. This post was brimming with symbolism and deep insight……….ahhaha! I’ve been listening to way too much Father John Misty lately. It’s made me ironic and satirical.

    Ah Valentine’s Day. What do you do when your single on Valentine’s weekend? You help your friends dad rip up icky old linoleum in the entryway and put down nice, new 12″ ceramic tile. Dominic’s dad released to us this weekend that all these upgrades are for putting his house on the market. He’s going to live full time at his northern Minnesota cabin. Must be rough, eh?

    Also, you stay home with your single roommate and drink a wee bit too much booze to share in the misery of loneliness. But think of the money we saved!

    I have most of chapter one written for the new piece. Free time has been short, so yeah. I’m completely stuck with where to go with Savior. I never had a plan with that one, I just started writing. When I have a direction, I will continue with that one too. Ok, time to shake off this hangover. We have grout to lay!



    • Don’t be disappointed in me not ‘getting’ your poetry completely, I’m much too unlearned to appreciate your effort in that direction. And, no, I don’t know the significance of a blue rose. I guess I need to Google that.

      Well, I’m a little disappointed Dom’s dad intends to sell the house you are working so hard on. That means you won’t be able to go there in years to come and re-admire your handiwork. You are gaining some skills though that you can put to good use in your own house eventually, or they might even lead you into work along those lines. I wish I had an opportunity to learn those things.

      Please take and share more photos of your floor work at that house.

      I’m really looking forward to start reading your ‘new piece’ when you have time to complete it.

      Please try not to get in the habit of obtaining those hangovers. I guess you must have been ‘under the influence’ when you made the comment you later deleted on the other post.

      I wish you would add a title to this post, not having one makes it hard for me to keep track of.

      Work hard and learn a lot on that floor project. – Aof


    • David,
      I will freely admit that poetry is not my strong suit. I definitely read it, and got part of it, maybe. Re-reading it, in the context of Deception as the title of the next book, I think I get it.

      As to Valentines Day, yeah I sat here alone, sipping whiskey, playing with my radios and thinking “what ifs”. The whole Valentines Day thing isn’t what gets me, it’s that damnable little word…single.

      I didn’t have a hangover this morning, but maybe that’s experience over quantity! Have fun with the grout!

      Peace ❤


    • The blue rose is a symbol for pleurisy. 🙂 I did like your poetic intro, btw. Please, forgive me for not addressing it directly before.

      As for Savior, I still like my idea that killing Skyler will free Jasmine and Timmy. Of course, it’s your story, and I’ve been enjoying it immensely.


  5. I’ve never been much of a poetry fan. Reading it in school I always had the impression that the authors were so full of themselves that they had to come up with weird, esoteric ways of saying what was on their minds. They couldn’t ever just come out and say I love you. There’d be some weird shit about how the heart ebbs and flows like the ocean, and a bird or something, haha. Most of this viewpoint is based on the fact that I didn’t care about poetry, so I didn’t try to understand, or appreciate it. All of that being said, I did understand the meaning of your poem. Er, at least I think I did! But I had no clue about the blue rose. So I still learned something new today!

    As for valentines day, I spent it like I do most Saturdays, working. And let me tell you, I sold a lot of condoms, red bulls, and swishers! After work I grabbed a sandwich from Caffrey’s (which, if you haven’t been yet, what the hell is wrong with you? They deliver til 3 am! And their big ass chocolate chip cookies are amazing!) then came home and played the drums for a few hours. I finally broke down and bought an electric kit so I can play in the middle of the night without the neighbors calling the cops! So yeah, pretty much a normal day for me. I never put much stock in “holidays” like valentines day.

    Hopefully you aren’t too hungover today! That sun is pretty bright right now. If you were of age I’d suggest going and getting a bloody mary, but since you can’t, and the uptown bar isn’t around anymore (they had the best), I recommend aspirin and a nice walk around a lake for some fresh air. Or block out all the windows and cling to your pillow cursing the world and waiting for your head to stop hurting 😛

    Sorry again that I suck so bad at commenting




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